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World class training and development programmes designed for Multi-National Shared Service Centres

Individual & Corporate Digital Learning

The series provides both knowledge and the necessary operational skills required to prevail over the daily challenges facing all teams in Order to Cash.

Leadership Masterclass

This Masterclass is for Directors, Managers and Senior Team Leaders in Shared Services with the ambition to be recognised as a leading Order to Cash department by being better tomorrow than today through improving people, processes and services.

Credit Matters Conference

The programme is dedicated to Creating Leaders and achieving O2C Excellence

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Why Digital Learning Academy Series?

The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence

is the only study pack designed for Multi-National Shared Services that truly makes a difference to people.


Approved by the future

Get the resources for continual improvement

The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence provide a ready-made solution to developing people

Start Certificate in Operational CREDIT Excellence Today

The Digital Learning Academy provides a professional certified qualification that formally demonstrates your knowledge, experience and dedication.

O2C Leadership Masterclass

The session will provide you with practical leadership lessons to improve your personal skills and inspiration for your future career progression


Protecting the working capital and profit margin


Learn how to deliver world-class results


Learn how to build your Centre of Excellence


Build a future-proof strategy for an ever-changing finance world

It’s the people who make the difference.

Learn from finance experts as they share their knowledge and experience on how you can design your finance function to meet tomorrow’s challenges and create a Centre of Excellence.


Approved by te future
o2c leadership Masterclass


How are you going to prepare for the future?

What does World Class look like ?
Inspirational Leadership
Leading People
People operate PROCESSES to produce results
Stakeholder management
Situational Leadership
Building a Team
The culture change journey to excellence continues…….


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