Mission Statement

Our mission is for Credit Management to be recognized as an essential profession bringing real value to every business and for you to enjoy a dynamic, varied, exciting and rewarding career.
We will help YOU Create the world’s most customer-centric services through incremental improvements generating geometric sales growth.

From Our Founder

About Us

CALLISTO GRAND is the Credit Management organization for YOU!
C2C, I2C, O2C, P2C or Q2C…however you describe it; that’s US! We’re all of that and much more! (Training, Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Advisory)

The most effective Credit Management training is relevant to your business and connects with all elements of the wider business community such as technology AI,BI, supply chain, sales, marketing, logistics, employer branding, diversity and climate change.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and exploring new techniques of product delivery for you.

Successful businesses do not work in silos and the Callisto Grand’s Talent development methodology encourages curiosity to explore and courage to challenge accepted norms.

The right time to start was yesterday so don’t lose any more momentum!
Come in and unlock your potential!
Get busy and call us TODAY!

Welcome to Callisto Grand!
Mark Harrison
Founder and CEO

The Callisto Grand Story


Callisto Grand originated in 2010 in response to the huge knowledge gap in Credit Management in Shared Service Centres.
SSC’s aspire to be Best in Class but until recently there was no recognized , standard measure of success or related development programmes.
The Callisto Grand story is changing that ……..
The Founder , Mark Harrison , is a 40 year career credit professional with extensive first hand knowledge of operation requirements and a track record of success.
From 2005 to 2012 Mark, was instrumental in building the O2C infrastructure at two Shared Service Centres in Czech Republic and at the same time successfully completing an Honours Degree in Credit Management.
Extensive reserach for his final dissertation’Credit Management in SSC’s’ together with first hand observations confirmed a major lack of O2C recognition at all levels.
Prior to 2010 , there was no training designed to match the specific needs of this new and rapidly expanding business environment – Multi-National Shared Services.
Hence the genesis of Callisto Grand. The first trainings were in Czech Republic (formerly CZICM and ACCEE) and moving very swiftly into all other Central European countries and now attracting interest from other continentents.
The first training sessions were focussed on Collections but it was soon realized that today’s successful business professional needs to be agile and connected.
In 2017 , Professor Patrick O Connelly joined the team as Director of Curiculum and is the main arctitect of the Credit Masters Level 1 & 2 professional qualifications.
In addition to Mark and Patrick , all Callisto Grand trainers are highly experienced and specialized operational business managers.
Our evolution and ambition to lead SSC’s to be the best they can possibly and our Comparative Performance Measure (CPM) is the roadmap and benchmark to success.
The story continues…………………………

Today's Challenges = Tomorrow's Opportunities


Credit professionals need support, consulting and training; companies want and need the best in class. We’re here to connect the dots.
You give your best, invest many hours but the metrics remain the same or, worse deterioate.
You are advised that technology is the answer to improved KPI’s and efficiences but which, what, who, when, why, how?
The result? Frustration and uncertainty on one side, wasted time and missed opportunity on the other.

Here’s the reality check


Double digit overdues are a long way from a Culture of Excellence.
If your numbers exceed 2.5% in any or all of overdue %, unapplied cash, credit notes vs sales or attrition rates, it confirms a weakness in one or more internal policy, process or procedure.
There’s a lot to improve, and we’ve got a game-changing strategy. We’re using technology, industry knowledge, and a network of virtual and local experts to quickly solve each manager’s problem — from a high past due % , attrition rates or pressure to improve effciency / reduce costs.
At all levels, including Senior Management , the root cause is identified as „ They don’t know what they don’t know”
Exceeding mission critical KPI objectives and career progression to senior management can only be achieved by embracing Culture, Leadership, Talent Development, Technology, Policies, Procedures, Employer Branding and Diversity simultaneously.

What Sets Us Apart?


The most applicable, interactive and relavant, success guaranteed solutions you’ll find led by passionate, devoted and innovative Credit Profressionals.

We’re Here Each Step of the Way
Our team and advisory network unites a wealth of highly respected, passionate and dedicated professionals with global experience.

CALLISTO GRAND’s Talent Development, digital learning, in-house training, professional qualifications, analytics, coaching, and consultancy are designed to meet the complexities of today’s business environment supporting all generations from newcomers to directors.

Big Data , Talent and Technology


All of you in SSC’s are surrounded by big data.
Every symbol and character on every invoice is part of the Big Data.
It takes highly skilled individuals to interpret that data and communicate with internal and external clients to convert it into a positive cash flow.

We put our data to work so that you get the expected result.

We have developed CPM, a unique dashboard to measure your company’s business maturity combining all the essential attributes. It highlights the areas to focus on and when applied, our clients enjoy unparalleled success as a World Class Centre of Excellence and an attractive, progressive employer.

Our Vision

It’s time to hit refresh on the entire O2C experience.
Our vision is to deliver an end-to-end solution that tackles your company’s needs in real time with real experts.
We offer all the best practice solutions to set YOU up for World Class SUCCESS.


The most effective, successful professionals are constantly learning, they take the time to apply what they have learned, and they continually work to improve themselves.


Comparative Performance Measure


Contextual coaching

Collection Call analytics

Our virtual networking opportunity via the invitation only CREDIT & COLLECTIONS COFFEE CLUB

Our live networking opportunities via Leadership Masterclasses and annual Credit Matters Conference

Our aim is to offer you the best possible solution right then and there – no false promises.

We will let YOU, the MANAGER, take the wheel with us alongside guiding you on the road to SUCCESS!

What’s to come


Thinking big with data and growing with determination
We’re committed to evolving the O2C services industry, and that’s going to take all the resources we can master.

We’ve got incredible technology at our fingertips, and with our fresh perspective, we’re putting it to work for you.

Trade Receivables is your company’s largest, most complex Current Asset and the business-critical component of Working Capital. You as guardians of this asset are responsible for ensuring profitability and influencing business growth.

Our Master Plan


We want to reach every credit professional in the world, but we’re taking our time to roll out our services the right way. If we haven’t made it to your region yet, rest assured we plan on getting there soon!

We want to build the largest community of top leaders to shape the future of Q2C! We have the tools, the drive, the passion, the technology, we only need YOU to reach the TOP. YOU are the only factor that makes a difference!

All the roles in C2C, I2C, O2C, P2C, Q2C AR, Risk, Collections, Cash Application, Disputes, Billing, Database and Reporting originate because your company offers Credit terms to your customers.
Irrespective of job title or experience, your role is vital.

Stay tuned – next big networking opportunity will be the Credit and Collections Coffee Club on September 3.
Join this international O2C roundtable where you set the agenda.

In 2020 we will be on the road bringing the O2C Leadership Masterclass to you in:

• Bratislava
• Bucharest
• Budapest
• Krakow
• Prague
• Riga
• Sofia

About The Event

A world premiere in O2C technology featuring CEO’s from 5 of the world’s most advanced and respected service providers together on one stage. Moderated by Tom Bangemann, the CEO’s will participate in a presidential style debate sharing their vast experience.
Our Experts will cover the following topics during the Debate:
What lessons learned from the Covid-19 situation stayed?
Economic outlook from a tech perspective
The relationship between WFH, Cyber Security and Hacking
Tech flexibility and global reach is tech now essential or remains a nice to have vs low cost labour
Impact on Shared Services value proposition
Impact on and opportunities for talent.

Our Leaders

Disrupting the long held mindset that only G/L should receive training and development investment (budget) and that personal development has little value is not an easy game.
These are the bright minds bringing Callisto Grand to life.

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

Founder & CEO Mark@creditcee.eu

Tom Olavi Bangemann

Tom Olavi Bangemann

Senior Advisor

Patrick O. Connelly

Patrick O. Connelly

Board Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Eszter Gábriel

Eszter Gábriel

Events & Partnerships Manager eszter@creditcee.eu

Pavlína Marková

Pavlína Marková

Academy Coordinator pavlina@creditcee.eu

Diana Vrejoiu, PMP®

Diana Vrejoiu, PMP®

Romania & Spain Country Manager at Callisto Grand

Juan Szeremeta

Juan Szeremeta

Global Brand Creative

Our Partners

Our Clients

“…workshop very good, organized and interesting. Has much experience, performs in an interesting way, encourages discussion and creates a nice atmosphere.”
“…enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of international market conditions was well received by all who attended.”
“…Our Credit controllers gained a good deal of valuable information that will be put to good use in our organization.”
“…….good hints and tips…….”
“…real life examples very good. Impressive knowledge and experience.”
“…wide experience, eager to share and passionate”