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We have invested our 40 years global operational experience into programmes and solutions delivering that success with high quality best practice consultancy services, benchmarks, qualifications and workshops

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Callisto Grand is the only organization dedicated to Credit Management (C2C, I2C, O2C) across a wide geography.
Trade Receivables is almost every company’s largest, most complex Current Asset and the business-critical component of Working Capital.
Working in this area makes you the guardians of this asset, responsible for protecting the profit margin and impacting business growth.

All the roles in C2C, I2C, O2C, AR, Risk, Collections, Cash Application, Disputes, Billing, Database and Reporting all originate because your company offers Credit terms to your customers.

Irrespective of job title or experience, your role is essential, and Callisto Grand promotes Credit Management as a respected profession – a very dynamic, varied, exciting and rewarding one at that.

Our team and advisory network comprise highly respected and dedicated professionals with global experience.
The Academy training, qualifications, analytics, coaching, and consultancy are designed to meet the complexities in today’s business environment supporting all generations from newcomers to directors.

Our Team.


Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

Founder & CEO Mark@creditcee.eu

Patrick O. Connelly

Patrick O. Connelly

Board Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Eszter Gábriel

Eszter Gábriel

Events Coordinator eszter@creditcee.eu

Pavlína Marková

Pavlína Marková

Academy Coordinator pavlina@creditcee.eu

Juan Szeremeta

Juan Szeremeta

Digital Marketing juan@creditcee.eu

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