Achieving Excellence with Going Galactic G² – There is formula for O2C success


KPI + PD + PP = G²
Key Performance Indicators + Personal Development + Policies & Procedures = Going Galactic G²

How do you know when you are a recognized Subject Matter Expert within your company?

What are the essential criteria for being a Centre of Excellence?

has been developed over decades based on first hand global operational experience. It drives success across a wide range of business sectors and proven methodology delivers success for all O2C teams irrespective of industry and location.

Each section clearly highlights enterprise internal strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with a simple points scoring mechanism. The monthly performance review takes less than 60 minutes to collate.

ACCEE has the answer to today’s challenges. Success, motivation, and engagement are in Going Galactic .
Following the monthly dashboard will guide you to the highest levels of O2C performance by focussing on the essential combination of personal development & company procedures.

The dashboard clearly highlights any areas of concern and ACCEE can advise with tips and solutions which avoid expensive and lengthy consultation and decision paralysis.

A unique feature is participation within an international league table. Choose your star name, assign ownership, benchmark and compete with other teams.

Recognize and celebrate your team’s success and raise company profile at the annual Credit Matters conference.

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