Our clients

“...workshop very good, organized and interesting. Has much experience, performs in an interesting way, encourages discussion and creates a nice atmosphere.”


“…enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of international market conditions was well received by all who attended.”

“…Our Credit controllers gained a good deal of valuable information that will be put to good use in our organization.”

“…….good hints and tips…....”

“…real life examples very good. Impressive knowledge and experience.”

“…wide experience, eager to share and passionate”

“Experienced and enthusiastic trainer. The interactive sessions and practical exercises worked well.”

“Good trainer, very friendly approach, kept it interesting all the time with lots of good information & useful tips.”

“Positive and pleasant approach, natural way of presentation  - very professional.”

“The information provided is very helpful.”

"Enjoyed the interactivity and the role plays worked well."

"Tips to improve my work."

"I recommend this training for AR teams, especially those new to SSC’s."

"Many thanks for help and patience."

"I liked the role plays, the English of facilitator, Mark was very clear and understandable."

"I learned many new facts."

"Trainer has nice personality and enthusiasm creating a good atmosphere."

"Good communication between the trainer and the group. The trainer was funny, friendly and explained the workshops well."

"Very nice trainer, always good mood and nice atmosphere."

"Great training. Fulfilled all our needs to help us improve our skills and knowledge for communication between internal and external customer."


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