Benefits of ACCEE training

Trade Receivables can amount to 30% or more of your Current Assets and as the O2C teams are the guardians of your single biggest and most complex asset it is essential they are qualified to the highest possible standard with a relevant qualification.

Teams can only be successful if they have a low attrition rate creating continuity with a clearly defined career path within  The ACCEE Academy provides you with all the tools and advice you will need to enjoy success and reach Best in Class status.

  • All workshops are tailored for individual requirements
  • All trainers are operationally experienced
  • Self – motivated and target orientated teams
  • Challenging content relevant for all levels of O2C
  • Budget friendly with rapid RoI
  • Improved KPI’s and value to the business
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Minimum internal IT requirements
  • Qualifications earned at each level of Runway 180
  • Essential for Centre of Excellence aspirations
  • Can be translated into many languages*

*Translation subject to separate agreement

The ACCEE academy offers an extensive range of qualifications and specialised workshops designed over decades and guaranteed to raise the levels of knowledge, confidence and effectiveness in all aspects of O2C.

Our network includes experts in a wide range of fields and languages.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Unparalleled success awaits – don’t rely on others, take control of your career and that of your colleagues today.

For more information contact or 00420 722 965 050.

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