Accelerate AR Automation – How Hitachi Applies Cash before Breakfast Automating Cash Application on a Global Scale








Upcoming Event:

29 April 2021

Join our virtual panel discussion on 29 April at 11 am CET, hosted together with Serrala, a renowned provider of credit best-practices with a strong regional footprint in Central and Eastern Europe. Learn how the leading international technology companies Hitachi centralized and harmonized their cash application processing using intelligent automation within their company-wide project “Cash Applied before Breakfast”:




18 March 2021

Join Mark at this webinar to learn about the tools that ensure your path to O2C Excellence.
Expand your knowledge about what Callisto Grand can do to rapidly support the improvement of your Cashflow and Working Capital.



Past events

25 February 2021

Callisto Grand x Serrala: Safe harbor for cash in the perfect storm (Mark Harrison, Founder & CEO, Callisto Grand & Eva van der Grij, Senior Solution Architect, Serrala)

04 February 2021

Callisto Grand x HighRadius: Achieving Long-term Cash Excellence with Digitally Accelerated O2C (Mark Harrison & Sam Dhingra)

25 November 2020

Callisto Grand x Order2Cash: 2021 and the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing: An upcoming tale of clearance, compliance, and complexity  (Damian Leslie & Mark Harrison)

29 October 2020

Callisto Grand x BvD: Adjusting your Credit Models to Account for external shocks like COVID-19 (Alexander Puchovsky & Mark Harrison)

28 October 2020

Serrala Expert Forum Session: How to Save Money and Gain more Value in AR and AP (Marko Kling & Mark Harrison)

22 October 2020

Serrala User Summit EMEA – Keynote (Mark Harrison, Casper Sonnega, Eric Latreuille, Fatima Carbonara, Sue Chappel)

16 September 2020


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