Webinar Callisto Grand x HighRadius: Achieving Long-term Cash Excellence with Digitally Accelerated








Upcoming Event:

04 February 2021

Callisto Grand x HighRadius: Achieving Long-term Cash Excellence with Digitally Accelerated O2C (Mark Harrison & Sam Dhingra)

Past events

25 November 2020

Callisto Grand x Order2Cash: 2021 and the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing: An upcoming tale of clearance, compliance, and complexity  (Damian Leslie & Mark Harrison)

29 October 2020

Callisto Grand x BvD: Adjusting your Credit Models to Account for external shocks like COVID-19 (Alexander Puchovsky & Mark Harrison)

28 October 2020

Serrala Expert Forum Session: How to Save Money and Gain more Value in AR and AP (Marko Kling & Mark Harrison)

22 October 2020

Serrala User Summit EMEA – Keynote (Mark Harrison, Casper Sonnega, Eric Latreuille, Fatima Carbonara, Sue Chappel)

16 September 2020


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Accentuate the positive

Accentuate the positive

ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE Accentuate the positive Author: Mark Harrison, Founder Callisto Grand Dec 30, 2020 · 8 min read Accentuate the positive                          ...

Behind the Callisto Grand Podcast

Behind the Callisto Grand Podcast

Our first series of podcasts was very successful with LinkedIn views exceeding 1000 most weeks. The idea for The Big Change started as a vehicle to connect other O2C managers whose working environment had been impacted by the first wave of Covid 19 back in March and...