Credit Matters XI The Game Changer

Welcome to Credit Matters XI, The GameChanger
Revealing the real secrets of success in today’s challenging economic environment.
Right now,Credit/ O2C has to be the most important and high profile department in every company.The Credit Matters XI conference provides the only platform for Credit management (O2C, I2C, C2C, Q2C)


Knowing how to manage the fast pace of unprecedented global developments impacting your cashflow is the number one challenge for SSC’s and CFO’s,

An Experience Like None Other!

CFO’s & Directors, Process Owners
Managers and Team Leaders of: Credit, AR, Collections, Cash, Risk & Cash App.
IT, RPA & AI, Project Management, Learning & Development

October 12th,13th, & 14th Budapest








Day 1

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Day 3


Eszter and Mark
Welcome to the GameChanger Day III




Adela Plesnik Schicker
Dunning Kruger, Avoiding Procrastination and Filtering Fake News


Would you like to be smarter than you already are? Work better with the information you were given and find ways to use your already great mind even better?
Let’s wander together to the unknown world of biases, mind*ucks, and errors of judgment. With some help from scientific research, a good amount of humor, and practical tools, let us improve our abilities to tell the right information from the bad one. This is crucial in achieving self-improvement, better judgment, and making the right decisions. Your critical thinking will be tested in a couple of case studies and exercises, and after this workshop, you might find that you are much more decisive and much harder to fool.

Keep your minds open, but not so open that your brains fall out. “
— Walter Kotshcing


Jamie Radford
AP Association
Take a look in the Mirror – AP meets AR – The engine of Working Capital


My Accounts Receivable is your Accounts Payable and vice versa.
As we strive for greater efficiency and effectiveness, process improvement and transformation, and the business demands increase in the face of economic uncertainty , there is no better time to look in the mirror and “”get to know your customer”.
Jamie Radford is founder and leader of the Accounts Payable Association.
Representing communities of the best in the two primary drivers of enterprise working capital, we will discuss:
The business drivers of these two key processes
What we can learn from each other
The processes, protocols and behaviours in our mirror function that impact our ability to achieve excellence.


Achieving business growth in times of permanent crisis
Ioannis Arampatzis


Over the last 3 years, TimacAgro has delivered spectacular results in all aspects of the business.
Achieving 35% year-on-year revenue growth and at the same time delivering world-class Credit / O2C KPI’s against an
an incredibly challenging business backdrop is not achieved by accident.
Ioannis will share a, not to be missed, case study on how an E2E integrated strategy reaps rewards.


Refreshment Break



Gabor Gondos Diageo
Excellence looks like this







Peter Daniel
E-invoicing Through 3rd Party Portals – Challenges for Billing.






What is Diversity?
In Conversation with:
Dan French
Márta Berzsenyi
Anita Szecsody
Maja Bejatovic








AI-Powered Automation of Cash Application
To Drive Impact Hosted
by Sarah Stuhr & Peter Ehry








For many years, Diageo have maintained focus on all aspects of O2C . It is not a coincidence they continue to deliver impressive results .

Gabor will reveal some of their recipe for success and plans to be proactive as we enter unprecedented turbulence.


PO vs Invoice data e-interchange between vendors and clients occurs more frequently than before.
Launching is driven by clients who save AP costs. Isn’t it at the expense of vendors?
Are there any new challenges for OTC?
Is process automation scalable if clients use standardized 3rd party e-portals?
Challenges with non-standard and governmental e-portals.


Diversity embraces nationality, culture, race, gender, age, religion, education, sexual orientation and disability.
Our panel will discuss their personal experiences , company initiatives and inspirations for us all to share.


Cash application often turns out to be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process due to the manual, and repetitive nature of the operation. Learn how your cash applications processes can be automated to drive efficiency and impact. Free up your workforce to engage in more high-value, strategic tasks and transform your entire A/R landscape.

Key Takeaways:

a. Discover how our customers realized 95% automation of Cash Application and reduced the number of exceptions with Machine Learning
b. Experience the intuitive exception handling interface with auto-scroll and invoice matching features
c. Explore enhancements in Cash Application for Credit-Debit offsets and consumer to business payments


Leigh Tozer
NonStop Recruitment
A view from a recruitment agency






Moderator: M’Part Mendy
Gabor Meszaros
Lubica Pavlovica
Andras Kohl
A Career in Credit takes you a long way






Zaneta Hlinkova
& Brett Keen
The Medtronic Adventure continues





Unleash The Full Potential Of Integrated Receivables Hosted by Zephirin Jiongo & Peter Ehry




The recruitment landscape has changed rapidly in recent years. Leigh will present interesting views not only from their clients perspective but also how a recruitment agency recruits, develops and retains its own talent.


Callisto Grand consistently campaigns for businesses to develop a clear structured career path in Credit / O2C. Our guests in this panel session have embraced the Credit Multiverse and the knowledge gained is taking them to the highest levels of management.




Over the last few years, Medtronic have undertaken a series of major changes including outsourcing parts of the O2C function. Last year, they shared the positive and negatives experiences and now a year later …….where are they now. What has worked well and what be done differently with the benefit of hindsight?


Despite years of evolution, technology in the office of the CFO is still not intelligent enough. Today, finance organizations are slowly moving away from retrospective accounting of balance sheets and income statements to more AI-based automation solutions for several functions within the finance department. Learn how you can build a high-performance culture within your O2C teams by integrating your credit, billing & invoicing, cash application, deductions, and collections.
a. Eliminate order to cash process silos to make data-driven decisions with AI-enabled accounts receivable solution
b. Learn how the power of Humans + Machines can help drive working capital impact and help your A/R teams focus on more high-value tasks
c. Access 100+ out-of-box dashboards and reports to track receivables performance, providing 360-degree visibility of global process health


Sponsors Prizes


Day 3 Reflections and farewell from Credit Matters XI


As Credit Matters draws to a close we look back on three amazing days.
And we look forward sharing the date and venue for Credit Matters XII!
Our time together wraps up with a light lunch to fortify you on your way home.
What GAMECHANGERS will you take away?

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