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What awaits you at the conference?


Upskilling talent to meet today’s challenges is a complex issue.

Enhancing the WHY (EQ / E2E business awareness) is as equally important as the WHAT ( IQ / process). CMXII offers a wide range of real time presentations and experiences revealing the essentials required to attract and retain talent and ensuring excellence in O2C , technology implementation and project management.


CMXII offers valuable insights on embracing digital transformations in Credit/O2C, featuring experts from renowned service providers and clients. Attendees gain access to real-time case studies, cutting-edge innovations, and top-quality advice, empowering them to navigate and excel in the future of technology-driven Credit/O2C.


Our carefully curated presenters, panellists, and partners are skilled in their field and who share impactful experiences and initiatives. Their insights and knowledge will leave a lasting impression, providing valuable takeaways that you can apply and benefit from long after the event.


In recognition of a challenging year, there's no better way to express gratitude, motivation, and inspiration than through awards and prizes. Seize the opportunity, as this year, the spotlight could shine on you, celebrating your achievements and providing a source of encouragement for the future.

Networking, socializing and fun

Credit Matters creates a welcoming and relaxed environment for networking, socializing and having fun while sharing experiences and learning from one another. The gala evening, featuring prestigious awards, serves as a highlight, making it a truly memorable occasion where connections are forged and meaningful interactions take place



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Our mission is for Credit Management to be recognized as an essential profession bringing real value to every business and for you to enjoy a dynamic, varied, exciting and rewarding career.
We will help YOU Create the world’s most customer-centric services through incremental improvements generating geometric sales growth.




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