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Eszter and Mark



A warm welcome to the day after the awards and gala evening.
Your hosts will reflect and project …..


Adela Plesnik Schicker
Leadership for All: Simple Acts, Grand Results


The incredible Adela Schicker is back by popular demand.

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, leadership and communication are the key. This year, the Credit Matters Conference is all about SHINING (and helping others shine), so this presentation will help you to do just that.
Come and join us for an uplifting morning dive into the world, where we’ll clear away the myths and discover how leadership is present in our everyday interactions. We’ll discuss the crucial link between effective leadership and clear communication, emphasizing their combined strength. And if you’ve ever felt held back by procrastination, we’ll share some inspiring nudges to help you step forward confidently as well.
So don’t let the post-gala haze dim your shine. Grab that coffee, take a seat, and prepare to learn new science-based simple skills that you can put right into practice. Because in the world of credit, just as in life, when you shine, the whole world benefits.

quote:”Talking is simple. Being understood? Now, that’s an art!”


Edoardo Peniche
Is technology the future of automotive in an uncertain world?


Aptiv is a global automotive technology leader, addressing mobility’s toughest challenges through deep software and systems integration expertise. From safety systems through to futuristic driverless cars , Aptiv lead the way.

Edoardo is a vastly experienced Business Service Leader and will share how Aptiv are pioneering technology not only in vehicles but throughout their global Shared Services Centres which together with upskilling talent bring consistency and efficiency in today’s turbulent world.




Dalma Mátéfi and Mark Harrison
The mystery of dispute resolution











A Masterclass in Creating
a Successful Shared Service Environment
for Quote to Cash FIS case study,
Margarida Gouveia Sousa
Ange Myaouenuh










Dr Bruce Gahir
The role of Collaborative Trust in efficient supply chain management








Dalma is a huge fan of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot in particular and an admirer how he deduces complex cases by applying forensic analysis and not making snap judgements.
We invite you, nos amis to get comfortable by the fireside as our story needs your detective skills, enquiring minds and little grey cells.

Dispute Management is a crucial part of OTC as well as the others. None of them would work without the other part.
Therefore it is important to put maximum focus on it.
You’ll hear a story how could Computacenter make this process more efficient and how was possible to brake biases and bad habits around dispute management.
With changes in the way of working you’ll hear how your company can achieve reduced dispute creation and improved resolution time.



This brief presentation aims at presenting a research study that aims at establishing the
relevant factors contributing to the notion of “Collaborative Trust” in contract lifecycle
management (CLM) processes between buyers and suppliers, with the eventual aim of
developing and testing a model for “Collaborative Trust”. The research framework is based
on extensive exploration of the current literature relating to the development of trustworthy
relations in supply chain management processes and identifying a potential gap that points
to different meanings of “trust” being developed in different contextual situations relating to
supply chain management. This has resulted in a lack of conceptual clarity, where the
development of trust-building is seen as a challenge in relation to CLM processes. and
methodological difficulties exist in the absence of a clear multilevel conceptual model relating
to the notion of “Collaborative Trust” for CLM processes. In particular the following
characteristics were discovered after the literature review:

i) A reliance on the characteristics of trust among buyer supplier relations with no literature
available indicating any exploration of the role of “Collaborative Trust”.

ii) Consensus is lacking on the definition of the term “Trust” and research on trust is focused
on characteristics of trust. Negligible attention is given to other forms of trust, for example,
rational and institutional trust and the development of collaborative trust in contract lifecycle
management using relational contracts.

iii) There is also a lack of theories related to the economics aspects and competitive
advantage of developing trustworthy relations between suppliers and buyers.

1 Associate Dean, School of Business, Prague City University, bruce.g@praguecityuniversity.cz

Little research has been done on the relationship between the use of relational contracts in
CLM processes and the development of competitive advantage in supply chain processes.

The above areas appear to have prevented a plurality of ideas to be integrated to any kind
of detailed research in terms of how the role of trust is conceptualised in supply chain
management. Given that the exploration of the role of trust in supply chain processes
integrated with contract lifecycle management developments appears to be ‘‘struggling’’ the
proposed research is therefore attempting to shed light on the integration of “Collaborative
Trust ; within CLM processes.


Changes to employment markets past, present and future
Leigh Tozer







Adrian Fogas
A Path to Achievement:
when you hit a brick wall, take each brick to create your path




Panel session
Beyond Borders:
Evaluating BPO and Captive Options
Brett Keen,Agnes Szerencses






There is a lot of talk about AI and its potential impacts on jobs. However if we look back there have been similar technology innovations or changes to work from the industrial age, internet, personal computers, smart phones etc.

Change is inevitable however over the years we have seen that while some professions die off new ones emerge and it would be good to remind ourselves of this.

Also embracing new technology is no doubt good for good security.


Almost 16 years ago to the day a young man, inexperienced and without a clear sense of career direction made his first tentative steps in what would become an extraordinary career. Starting as a Credit & Collections assistant , Adrian worked his way steadily through the ranks of Credit and Collections and is now the Managing Director of Viking Office SSC in Cluj, Romania. This is a story that reinforces the value of learning your craft over a long period of time, personal dedication and sacrifices needed along the way.
Some of the hardest decisions in life are which bridges to cross and which to burn, Adrian will gladly share his personal perspectives & it is a privilege to share this story and that Callisto Grand played a small role along the way.




Beyond Borders: Evaluating BPO and Captive Options

Explore the dynamic world of global business operations in this conference session. Delve into the intricacies of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Captive models, weighing their pros and cons to make informed decisions. Discover how these strategies can transcend borders, optimizing efficiency, and achieving international success.


Sponsors Prizes


You have got to be in it to win it! Will you be taking away a Bluetooth speaker, headphones or other must haves courtesy of the CMXII partners. All you have to do is say hi to all our partners during the conference!


Day 3 Reflections and farewell from Credit Matters XII
Eszter & Mark


As Credit Matters draws to a close we look back on three amazing days.

And we look forward sharing the date and venue for Credit Matters XII!

Our time together wraps up with a light lunch to fortify you on your way home.

What will you take away?



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