Day 1


07:15 AM

ACCEE Credit Matters IX 5km fun run along the River Wisła


A first for Credit Matters and any conference in Europe.
Bring your running shoes and join us for a 5km run along the River Wisła .
There will be a prize for the first man and first woman across the line and a medal and T-shirt for everyone.
Back in time for a delicious breakfast!!
ACCEE Team members are in training and we look forward to sharing your training stories on Facebook.

12:00 PM




The Association and partners are looking forward to warmly welcoming friends old and new.

12:45 PM

Welcome to Revive 2020 Credit Matters IX

Mark Harrison CEO & Founder


As a consequence of the events of 2020 , many of you will be realizing the true immense value and responsibility of Credit Management for the first time.
Mark will explore how and why we must learn from the past and project forward to show what success looks like.
‘Cash is King’ and we are all loyal servants dedicated to a long , successful and innovative reign.
No more silos in O2C , we are one integrated , sophisticated and vital chapter.
ACCEE’s 2.5% advice is now being recognized as practical sound business advice and the essential benchmark – not as a nice to have aspiration.
The next few years will be extremely challenging, but for you Credit will present unique opportunities to triumph out of adversity ,build an exciting career and show genuine leadership. CMIX is dedicated to the talent and technology of the future.
Credit is the place to be.

13:30 PM

Future view from Tech CEO’s

Kevin Kimber CEO Rimilia
Sven Lindemann CEO Serrala
Frank Hoekstra CEO Order2Cash
Jon Keating VP High Radius
Moderator Tom Bangemann SVP The Hackett Group




A world premiere in O2C technology featuring CEO’s from 5 of the world’s most advanced and respected service providers together on one stage.
Moderated by Tom Bangemann , the CEO’s will participate in a presidential style debate sharing their vast experience.
What lessons learned from the Covid19 situation have stayed?
The Economic outlook from a tech perspective, The relationship between WFH, Cyber security and hacking,
Tech flexibility and global reach Is tech now essential or remains a nice to have vs low cost labour?
Impact on shared services value proposition Impact on and opportunities for talent.
Please send your questions to the CEO’s via the Eventory app.

14:45 PM

Refreshment break

15:00 PM

The End of Procrastination

Adela Schicker Founder


Adela is a trainer of Fortune 500 companies, co-author of bestseller ‘The End of Procrastination’ and Founder of
Adela will explore decision paralysis , the Dunning Kruger effect and how to overcome the fear of change. Essential advice for today’s aspiring leaders

16:00 PM

Refreshment break

16:15 PM

Changing the Culture – Developing Leadership

Simon Wilcockson Account Executive Rimilia 



Simon will draw upon his experience as an Army Officer and share some essential learning in military leadership and how they translate into the business setting when driving change in AR through technology from a people perspective.

17:15 PM

Refreshment break

17:30 PM

 The Mandela Legacy and Our Heritage

Michael Buraimoh Director ACTSA




Michael Buraimoh is the Director of the UK-based organisation,
Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA).
ACTSA is the successor organisation to the British Anti-Apartheid Movement and works to eradicate the legacies of apartheid in the whole of Southern African.
Michael is also an inspirational speaker and writer.
Michael will be speaking on ‘The Mandela Legacy and Our Heritage’

18:15 PM

Wine reception


Celebrate the 2020 Revival with your friends in the Credit Community .
Raise a glass and propose a toast to the future.

19:15 PM

Day one close