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What awaits you at the conference?

  • Great 3 days full of seminars and workshops

  • Industry leaders

  • Establishing business partnerships

  • New knowledge and information that you will use in business

  • Education

  • Stories of inspirational people

  • Answers to your questions that no one else will answer

  • Panel discussions

  • New trends in business

Look how great the conference Credit Matters VIII was last year!

Ready for                        Credit Matters IX?


Registration is open. Don’t delay – register now.

16th – 18th September 2020, Krakow

Price from January 1st 2020 – 399 Eur*

Price from April 1st 2020 – 449 Eur*

Price from August 1st 2020 –  499 Eur*

* Excluding service providers

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