Nominate your colleague for prestige Awards

Closing day for nominations is June 30th, 2020


Cash Application Team of the Year

Open to teams responsible for cash application . Judges will be looking for evidence where the processing, efficiency and reporting visibility of receipts has significantly improved since 2020. Please include measurable results to support the nomination e.g. Unapplied cash has reduced by XX%.


O2C Project of the Year

This award will focus on business processes. It is open to any company that can demonstrate that the application of new technology, or a policy, process or procedure has enhanced the quality, efficiency , cost effectiveness and added value of one or more functions in Order to Cash. Examples where the judges will be looking are : improved communication with sales and customer service and / or customers, reporting visibility, forecasting, lower error rates and effective implementation within agreed budgets and timetables.

Extra consideration will be given where ACCEE Going Galactic and / or workshops have been engaged since January 2020.

Risk Team of the Year

Open to any company collecting receivables from businesses or consumers that can demonstrate significant improvements within their team over the last year.Examples include implementing a new credit policy, formula or credit insurance programme.


Collection Team of the Year

Candidates should be able to demonstrate a measurable improvement in their particular area of responsibility over the last 12 months. For example a reduction in DSO or overdues through resolving complex disputes or improving communications with internal or external clients leading to measurable improvements.

Merit Award

Nominations can come from any area of the credit industry, but the winner will be someone who is acknowledged by many to have devoted themselves to credit for a minimum of 3 years and who has made a positive difference.