‘Being paid is as much a part of the relationship as supplying the goods or service’

‘CREDIT MATTERS VIII DISCOVER DNA 2.5’  was the title of a major international conference just held in Brno. Business directors and managers of businesses from across the CEE region came to hear presentations on such topics as Working Capital Management; Talent Attraction & Development; the Economic outlook; Top trends in office & working environment. Photos: Maťka Králiková and Jitka Janů. Courtesy of ACCEE.

Brno, Oct 17 (BD) – This was the eighth such conference organised by Brno based ACCEE, which is a leading provider of best practice in Credit Management across the Central and Eastern European region. Mark Harrison, founder and CEO of ACCEE, who has lived in Brno for 14 years and has 35 years experience in credit management says “Being paid is as much a part of the relationship as supplying the goods or service.” Indeed, many businesses fail not through lack of sales, but lack of cash.  ACCEE highlight that Credit Management, Account Receivable, Order to Cash (O2C) are the most critical components of a company’s financial supply chain. Take a look at Trade Receivables on a company’s balance sheet and it will account for a large part of the total assets.

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