The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence

Value adding enhanced communication and negotiation through enhanced business awareness.

Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power. Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!

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Features and benefits

Professional Qualification designed for Shared Services
Essential for all levels and roles in O2C
Key requirement for Subject Matter Experts
Centre of Excellence status
Budget friendly
Supports strategy planning
Addition to Employer Branding Value Proposition
Alternative to accountancy qualifications
Flexible study environments
Frequent in-house study support
Improved KPI’s DSO, overdues, cashflow , working capital
Reduced attrition
Membership of student community
Complimentary invitations to the Credit Matters Conference and Leadership Masterclasses
Automatic nomination into the prestigious Callisto Grand annual awards
Discount on additional development programmes


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Callisto Grand Digital Academy Participants

Credit is Employer Branding

Best Practice

The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence

Module 1

Best Practice Collection Cycle

What’s in Module 1? Module 1 explores why it is vitally important to Know Your Customer and Your Customers Customer and introduces the Best Practice Collection Cycle.
These are essential aspects to be shared with Sales, Finance and Business Operations Managers.
This is the first step to being a valued and equal partner in the business and on the road to being a Centre of Excellence.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 2

The Credit Policy

What’s in Module 2?
More than 90% of all global trade is executed using some form of credit.
This module provides a definition of what Credit is, the different relationships and introduces that most essential document for business clarity and focus, The Credit Policy.
Included are handy PDF examples of The Credit Policy and Credit Procedures Manual,
Foundation Digital is a dynamic and entertaining multi-sensory learning experience combining video, text, diagrams and pdfs.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 3

Portfolio Segmentation

What’s in Module 3?
This module focusses on components for effective client credit limit review and detailed analysis of the ATB (customer portfolio) including segmentation and proven collection methodologies
Diagrams illustrate an effective O2C organization structure and we introduce 3rd parties as an essential part of the collection cycle
Included are a PDF Credit application Form and examples of Corporate Annual Reports.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 4

The art of Communication

What’s in Module 4?
This module explores the many methods of communication which lie at the heart of trade. Effective internal and external is aligned with knowledge beyond process.
Communication and agreement of mutual needs between buyer and seller is not straightforward but are essential in ensuring prompt payment.
O2C is not back office, a niche or a process but an essential contributor to business sustainability and growth.
Key learning includes the introduction of the Working Capital, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements.
Included are PDF Financial Details including illustrations of Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 5

Influencing business strategy

What’s in Module 5?
Module 5 introduces confirmation that Credit / O2C should contribute business critical information at regular senior management meetings.
The Credit Sales relationship is enhanced by in depth understanding of Pareto Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and DSO Variation by Country.
Key learning includes the introduction of the Working Capital, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements.
Included are videos and PDF’s illustrating DSO Variation, Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 6

Performance Measures and Analytics

What’s in Module 6?
Module 6 looks at different types of attitude and approach to collections. You will be able to identify yours and confirm if it is the most effective.
A unique feature of Module 6 is the interactive templates to a range of performance measures. Enter your own figures and perform comparative analytics.
At the end of this module you will clearly identify if you are close to World Class Standards.
If overdues are greater the 2.5% there is work to be done!
Included are videos, PDF’s and Interactive Performance Measure formulae.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 7

Contract Terms and Conditions / Law and regulation

What’s in Module 7?
Module 7 emphasizes the need to understand your Terms and Conditions, how they align with legal process and what securities can hedge risk.
In the coming years, you will encounter customers who can’t pay or won’t pay. It is essential to understand the basic securities, legal terms, processes and execution options available in the laws and regulations applicable to your area of responsibility.
This module provides easy to follow PDF’s introducing the most important debt collection procedures and security options for 36 countries.
Completing this module will provide you with a tool kit and knowledge that will be of immeasurable value when you share it with your business colleagues.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.


Module 8

Cross Border Trading (BREXIT and non -EU)

What’s in Module 8?
Module 8 explores the extraordinarily complex business of Cross Border Trading especially outside the EU -the documentation required, import/export regulations and local customs that may impact transit.
You are invited to ask the questions, what legal recourse is available e.g. Uniform Commercial Code or World Trade Organization, Credit Insurance or other?
Included are videos and PDF’s introducing essential cross border trade bodies.
This module is essential for everyone connected with business outside of the European Union including planning for post Brexit UK.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 9

Organization structure and effective development

What’s in Module 9?
This module focusses on the culture and components needed to develop high performing teams including succession planning and organizational structure.
The Reputational Capital of your business investment in talent selection, development and retention form a major part of the Employer Branding Value Proposition.
All employees will gain from the insights shared that are based on proven success in team building, removing silos and performance management.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 10

How you become the Change Leader. From SSC to Centre of Excellence

What’s in Module 10?
The content of this module explores the many sources of exciting opportunity that are within your grasp every day.
Being involved in the SSC environment places you in the very epicentre of data from a vast range of sources.
From Customer Master Files all the way through to reporting via Risk Management, Invoicing, Collections, Disputes, and Cash Allocation you are immersed in BIG DATA and a myriad of exciting opportunities.
This section provides a range of interactive formula to check how well you are doing against the world class standards.
Are you below 2.5% on overdues balances unapplied cash or staff attrition? If the answer is no to any of them, the start of the road to being the best starts here.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

Module 11

Incoterms, Brexit and preparing for the unknown

What’s in Module 11?
Module 11 focusses on Incoterms.
Many of you are responsible to credit sales outside of the European Union and perhaps haven’t been too exposed to the complex requirements.
It appears likely that trading with the UK will be subject to a huge array of new trading conditions.
This will impact you and all Credit /O2C in a huge way. It will not just be the Sales or Customer Service Teams that will need a strong understanding of Incoterms.
Your company, logistic partners and customers will all be faced with unfamiliar procedures that if not understood from the outset will lead to high volumes of invoice disputes.
Test yourself with 10 revision questions.
Study time 2 to 3 hours.

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The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence Series provides a ready-made solution to your talent

Frequently Asked Questions

The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence

Professional O2C qualifications are the essential component for Shared Service Centres with the ambition to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence by being better tomorrow than today through improving people, processes and services. 

1. What is the Digital Learning Academy?

Digital Learning Academy is an Professional Certification programme.
Certificate in O2C Operational Excellence is the only study pack designed for Multi-National Shared Services.
It will serve as a competency baseline measure and inspiration towards Centre of Excellence Standard.

2. Who is The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence for?

It is for everyone working in O2C, SSC Heads, Sales and Customer Service.


3. Why everyone working in O2C, SSC Heads, Sales and Customer Service?

Because, all these roles directly impact the business critical elements of working capital and cash flow.

No part of O2C is a ‘BACKOFFICE’ function. Every component of Order to Cash directly impacts the business critical Cash Flow and Working Capital. Trade Receivables are your single biggest, most complex and most important Current Asset.

4. Why should we, as a company, introduce The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence?

Because it introduces the essentials that all connected with O2C should know. It encourages ‘students’ to be inquisitive, to learn more about the business and it is very low price compared to all the other comparable alternatives.

Certificate in O2C Operational Excellence is the first stage for everyone aspiring to be a team leader or manager.

You can only be a Subject Matter Expert if you are Expert in your Subject.

Most managers in SSC’s don’t know what they don’t know.

The Certificate in O2C Operational Excellence fills in the knowledge gaps and introduces many best practices that are essential for a high performing team.

5. What areas does The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence cover?

Subject content is apportioned as follows:

Collections and Portfolio Management     22%

Analysis and Reporting                                20%

Credit Policy and Risk                                  19%

Personal Development                                15%      

Essential Business Skills                              14%

Law & Procedures                                       10%   

6. What will be the benefit if I already consider myself to be a Subject Matter Expert?

You may well have experience in a certain area or areas but real ‘Expert’ status takes many years and covers many areas.

Our experience confirms that at least 1/3 of the Foundation content will be new to every student.

The Foundation provides a professional certified qualification that formally demonstrates your knowledge, experience and dedication.

The Labour market is very competitive with many people all having similar work experience in similar environments.

The Foundation provides that something extra to set you above the crowd when applying for a promotion.

7. How long does it take?

On average, each module can be completed comfortably in 2 to 3 hours.

Please don’t skim over the exercises, PDF’s and content that you may not connect with today.

8. Where can I study?

You can study anywhere on PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

The most effective study time is away from the workplace.

9. How do I get the best from the studies?

There will be many areas that invite you to investigate further.

It is for you as an individual to be curious, brave and focussed.

You will frequently be introduced to topics, calculations or ideas not previously encountered.

If there is something in the Foundation that you may not do or use today, there is a very good chance someone else is or it is a best practice that you can introduce.

 Remember, Foundation is essential if you want to achieve a rewarding        career, not a race to tick a box

10. How and where can I use The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence contents?

None of your colleagues in the C-Suite, O2C, finance, sales, customer service etc. will be perfect experts – they will be many aspects of business they don’t know that they don’t know.

If you have overdues greater than 2.5% then there will be areas that can be improved within your organization.

By introducing and discussing the initiatives shared in the Certificate in O2C Operational Excellence will add value to your reputation.

Just because something isn’t done today doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done tomorrow

11. Will it help me be a manager?

The Foundation will without doubt help you to be a very effective manager and ultimately a good leader.

Remember, people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers. Bad managers are those that lack the wider business experience that can be shared with their teams to inspire them.

It is not possible to be a genuine, experienced Subject Matter Expert with less than 5 years O2C experience.

(The ACCEE’s Comparative Performance Measure, CPM, provides the measures and guidelines needed for Excellence).

12. Why should I study Foundation rather than Accounting?

The Foundation is designed to introduce the key elements of Credit Management / O2C.

Everything you learn in the Foundation will be of value throughout your career.

The Foundation and is relevant to your job and is the first of 3 stages of professional O2C study (Foundation, Journeyman and Master).

There is a very exciting and varied career to be had in O2C that will more than satisfy your professional ambitions.

It can be considered as the O2C equivalent of accounting qualifications

13. Are there other benefits?

The knowledge and experience gained in the Foundation will contribute to your confidence. This in turn will deliver improved results through your leadership and management.

 Introducing the course content to others will demonstrate your growing expertise and you will find that Sales, Business Unit Managers and others will soon be coming to you for advice and guidance.

14. How long is the qualification valid for?

The Foundation (FACCEE) qualification is valid for life.

It is also a unique feature that the course contents remain available to you as a reference document.

All we require is that you pay an annual renewal fee of Eur 50, 00.

15. Where should I display the certificate?

We recommend you display the certificate at your place of work and add the FACCEE accreditation to your LinkedIn, e-mail signature and CV when applying for promotions.

16. What happens if I change my job?

The certificate and accreditation goes with you and will remain as long as the annual renewal fee of Eur 50.00 is paid.

Please let us know if you are changing jobs.

17. What happens if the employee changes job?

If your company has provided the Foundation to everyone in the O2C department than we will provide a replacement student licence to the new starter.

We recommend that the Foundation (and subsequent qualification levels) be offered to all applicants as part of your Employer Branding Value Proposition.

18. How much does it cost?

The price ranges from Eur 349.00 to Eur 399.00 per student depending on the number of participants. Please click here for more information.

 There is an annual renewal fee of Eur 50.00 to retain the qualification status and contribute towards name changes and system maintenance.

19. How can we guarantee that all students will complete the programme?

The Association recognizes that many companies mean well and invest heavily in digital education programmes. Unfortunately, there is either a low take-up and/or a high drop-off rate.

 We at ACCEE can provide an interactive, initiative that guarantees course completion and opportunity to discuss course content.

20. What follows The Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence?

There are two more levels within the Association qualification programme – Journeyman and Master. It will be possible to complete all three levels in one calendar year.

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