Interview with Petrik Andersson – Management Consultant

Name          Petrik Andersson
Job title      Management Consultant
Company   self-employed working for Proservartne
City             home Brno, work wherever it takes
  • Where are you from?
    Born in Finland, considering myself as European. 
  • How did you get into credit?
    I’m the man from”the dark side of the moon”. SSC professional expertise in AP and T&E. Know these credit people and their DSO’s and cash allocations and other stuff. We need your payment and you will get it when we get the correct invoice and PO created, then you will get it.
  • How long have you worked in credit?
    I have been living in the darker side as main “home address” since 2000, but as an accountant since 1985. Seen all AP, AR, GL, intercompany, costing, closing, reporting. Now love to tell people how to do it, not to do how I did it, normal consultant stuff.
  • Where have you worked?
    First 15 years back home in Finland, Finance and Office Manager jobs in manufacturing, people development, advertising and constructions. From 2000 onwards UK and Czech mainly, but clients around West and Central Europe. Design, migrate, transitioning and developing SSCs and running departments in SSCs.
  • What was your proudest professional achievement?
    Been able to influence people and help them progress in their careers.Mentoring and coaching is what I like most. Seeing people making good progress is more rewarding than my own success.
  • If ACCEE could do one thing for you, what would it be?
    Bring AR and AP professionals closer together, take thinking out of silos, it is not helping anybody if we just concentrate what we are self doing, we have to learn to see the bigger picture and consequences of our actions.
  • What are your hobbies?
    Passionate about Ice-Hockey, it is difficult to find better place for that than Brno. Naturally also spending time with 1+3 girls back home. After those two or five however you count them sleeping and being disappointed with other fellow Gooners season after season after season…
  • What was the last book you read and last movie seen at cinema?
    Reading at this moment Jo Nesbo book while on the plane, movie that was ages ago before the kids must have been Valkyria, but can’t wait to get my Spectre DVD though.
  • One interesting thing about you?
    My sister’s oldest son will be 50 this year when our youngest is having her second birthday. Mixed generations in our family one might say.

Thanks for taking part in this interview.

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