How many of you actually like your job in Order to Cash? Are you actively looking for another? Would you consider another job if you heard about it? Do you feel loyalty to your employer? Can you see a career path from where you are now? What could be done to improve the situation? Many employees believe they can do better or different but stay for the money each month. I have seen many who are managers in name only. They come into the office, switch on their pc and will often communicate with the team, sitting a few meters away, by e-mail. They will often not be managers in the true sense of the word – to manage the team, develop individuals, interpret reports and interrogate the findings. When was the last time your boss said thanks for a job well done. |Do you feel he or she is someone you can trust with your future? There are many reasons for this but businesses can only really grow with experienced managers at all levels, including team leaders.