Journeyman: Benefits

The program consists of five sessions, each session consists of 7.50 hours and provides a total of 37.50 instructor-driven hours of education. It incorporates preparatory text book study,  lecture and group discussions culminating in an exam delivered on the final day to complete the program.

The Journeyman Program specifically targets knowledge, experiences and best practices to bridge any gap presenting itself as your company charges ahead to capture market share… profitably.

Successful completion of this course will prepare the professional leadership and the knowledge necessary to team with sales to optimize both top-line and bottom-line of the enterprise.

Journeyman Syllabus

Modules & Topics

Day 1: Advance Concepts in Credit Risk Management

Day 2: Optimizing Invoice Conversion

Day 3: Effective Communication

Day 4: Structure of Accounting and Financial Statements & Credit Risk and Financial Analysis

Day 5: Human Capital Development & Succession Planning & Journeyman Course Revision and Exam

The full syllabus detail is available on application.

  • Instructor led
  • Especially designed for shared Service Centres
  • Challenging content relevant for all levels of O2C
  • Developed from 40 years global operational experience.
  • All subjects relevant for all levels and job roles
  • Self – motivated individuals
  • Target orientated teams
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Budget friendly with rapid R.o.I.
  • Improved KPI’s and value to the business
  • Enhanced internal departmental relationships
  • Compulsory for Centre of Excellence aspirations.
  • Minimum internal IT requirements
  • Qualifications earned at each level of Runway 180
  • Skills are transferrable to other functions
  • Can be translated into most languages*

*Subject to separate quotation

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