Join with other associates, managers and leaders in our profession that hold a passion, a quest for knowledge and a drive for continuous improvement. Callisto Grand is the only association fully committed to Eastern and Central Europe, and designs its support resources focused exclusively on the success of our markets.

The economic potential of the Callisto Grand member regions is primed for associates to drive improved business condition and development. Tools are in place to promote the identification and hedging of risk across all markets. The necessary professional education and training programs are ready to support each and every one of our members.

In point of fact, there remains only the catalyst…YOU…Seize the opportunities to grow and execute in behalf of your enterprise, and gain additional knowledge and experience to broaden your own professional foundation. Take an active role in the formation of an attractive basis for stimulating your current growth, creating your next opportunity, or presenting a tremendous vita through which to attract promotion, even beyond your current market…even globally.

Join and Actively Participate in Your Own Development

If you require more incentive to join and participate in Callisto Grand, read on.

  • Callisto Grand sets the Central and Eastern European standard for individual and enterprise development in the region.

    To support this goal, Callisto Grand has introduced the highest level of training and education, considered best practice throughout global markets.

  • Recognize that KNOWLEDGE is the only factor that is (legally and ethically) transportable across enterprises, markets or venues.

    What you learn and practice will serve as the basis for your future hiring attractiveness and promotability. As a result, Callisto Grand development programs and courses integrate the most important and current subject matter into its programs to enable YOU to represent a strength and constant availability for promotion or alternate channel of pursuit, whenever it arises.

  • The basis of your knowledge and experience serve as a critical assessment factors in the hiring and promotion decision.

    That which you bring to the interview, to the extent it overwhelms that of your peers, will provide a competitive advantage. Your new opportunity, be it promotion or change of enterprise, enables you to continue to build a very competitive CV.

  • Optimistic associates, at all levels, recognize the value of continuous improvement. logo-ACCEE-best-practice-lila_300Such an attitude further extends to all associates managed or led by the associate. As a consequence, it is such an associate that often requires a ready source of peer-peer discussion in order to facilitate new and critical knowledge about a challenge or opportunity.Callisto Grand provides access to such a network and actively encourages the introduction of such not only at conferences but individually as the request is brought forth from Callisto Grand members.

  • Be it a crisis, or an issue procedural or process-oriented, someone in Callisto Grand membership has experienced it before. 

    Being exposed both to successes and failures in dealing with such problems, often introduces an opportunity for the associate to present solid recommendations, saving thousands of Euro in cost and generating significant career good will. Again, Callisto Grand is the ideal vehicle to enable access to subject matter expertise to drive these solutions.

  • Across the membership, the ACCEElerator newsletter introduces a platform to share larger inquiry, solutions, views and successes of broad value across the entire membership.

    It is one of the most significant, free values offered by Callisto Grand. Further, associate interest in presenting an article for publication will find a ready forum, and a great resource for introducing ideas and solutions. Once published, these articles and ideas often solicit responses from the member community that enable important feedback on the content from associates of potentially more experience in this exact area, and certainly visibility, if that is an objective.

  • Callisto Grand recognition is highlighted each year at the Credit Matters Conference. 

    There is no better venue to celebrate extraordinary contribution than with peers at this prestigious event. Members are encouraged to submit and join the participants in order to gain full value and discuss the candidates strength personally at the Credit Matters Conference.

  • Callisto Grand community is actively engaged in communicating locally and across boarders through social media including;

    LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Callisto Grand encourages member active participation. Utilized properly, social media serves as a tremendous tool to identify and resolve risks, recommend process resolutions and in general…to inform.

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