Trade Credit Risk Management: Fundamentals of the Craft in Theory and Practice – paperbook

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This book consists of three parts and incorporates the learning and worldwide experiences drawn from the author’s four decades as career executive, consultant and educator. The subject matter evolved from needs expressed, observations made, and solutions created while working with clients, colleagues, and students over the years, and, importantly, operational experiences gleaned from the development and implementation of trade credit and business-expansion strategies. Trade Credit Risk Management serves a key role— first, as a course resource in support of university undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as professional certification courses in all disciplines that address the subjects of credit, trade credit, risk management, business and supply chain management and development. Additionally, the book represents a reference source, a guide for both students and practitioners of the art and science of trade credit and risk management. The essential content provides a body of knowledge that supports the establishment of an effective and efficient trade credit risk management operation, regardless of the size of the enterprise. General topics include business organization and management, risk assessment and resolution, operational and practical application of relevant theories, and case analysis. In the formal course environment, the book is supplemented by discussion and lively team debate. The goal of the book is to provide a survey, introducing and investigating all major areas of trade-credit risk and management, in order to promote better comprehension and utilization of the business techniques that have resulted in successful outcomes across many borders and markets. Lastly, know that trade and the management of trade risk requires well-honed professional skills, business experience, and an excellent communication process, extending from the professional associate, throughout the enterprise, to its stakeholders. Further, there is a need for efficient integration and collaboration of company resources to maximize the opportunity to promote customer and overall business development. The author introduces a unique paradigm as a vehicle to promote optimum, enterprise profitable collaboration and growth. This book is a necessary first step to provide a solid foundation upon which to base paradigm success.



Patrick O. Connelly, Ph.D. CCE, FICM, CGBP is the President of Entelyx International Inc, a consulting company based in St. Petersburg, Florida and Chief Executive Officer of ManO’Co International, a manufacturer based in Bucharest, Romania. He is a lifelong mentor and international business risk and business development executive. Dr. Connelly has extensive experience in domestic and international, human and process capital optimization; and as well in credit services and related risk management and cash flow program implementation and consulting. He mentors throughout the globe and instructs at the various universities as a member of the adjunct faculty at the graduate and undergraduate level on both domestic and international Trade subjects including management, marketing, finance, and risk. Prior to establishing Entelyx and the Institute for Credit/Risk Management, he held executive positions with such notable global entities as Tech Data Corporation, Sperry Corporation (later Unisys), and Wang Laboratories. He began his corporate management career in 1975 with Porteous, Mitchell and Braun, a Maine-based regional retailer operating from Portland, Maine. Prof. Connelly holds a Doctorate in Global Trade Strategy, an MBA and an honors degree in History and French. In addition, he holds Charter Certification as a Global Business Professional, the premier supply chain credential developed by the North American Schools of Business International Trade Educators Association, the International Executive Award from the FCIB Global Management Program held at Georgetown University. Dr Connelly serves on the Board of Directors of both associations. Further, he holds the Executive Award from the NACM Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management held at Dartmouth College. He has lectured extensively for over three decades and provides worldwide seminars and courses on a myriad of business and international business, credit, risk and management- related topics. Dr. Connelly consults with companies in over a dozen countries. He is the author of Trade Credit Risk Management, Fundamentals of the Craft in Theory and Practice. This text supports his teaching and seminars around the world. Further it has been acclaimed for its fundamental overview of the profession, valuable for any reader.

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