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The Big Change Podcast Season 2


Hi there, I’m Mark Harrison and welcome
to series two of the Big Change podcast brought to you by Callisto Grand. In this series the focus is on leaders and entrepreneurs- people who break the mould and push back barriers to fulfil dreams and ambitions and are successful in their own right.
We explore the change catalysts, and how to maintain passion, focus and dedication
over a long period of time


Our guest this week is @Dan French, CEO at Consider Solutions. We find out how Dan built his successful business and will also be
Delving deep into Dan’s experience we try to define ‘experience’ in the SSC workplace and the Dunning Kruger effect – why curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are important traits to nurture and to acknowledge there may be areas in which you don’t know that you don’t know .
A fascinating 30 minutes for all aspiring business leaders.

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Meet the interviewees

Lucie Drliczková

Lucie Drliczková

Owner, ACONTE, s.r.o.

Klára Mészárosová

Klára Mészárosová

Credit & Collection Senior Team Leader

Dan French

Dan French

CEO at Consider Solutions

The Big Change Podcast

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