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We at Callisto Grand are super excited to shine a spotlight on senior executives from HighRadius, Atradius Collections, EOS KSI Česká republika, s.r.o., Order2Cash, Serrala and Datapac.
Jon Keating, Raymond Van der Loos, Vladimir Vachel, Frank Hoekstra , Sven Lindemann & Peter Buci reveal influences, experiences and lessons to share from childhood to the highest positions of leadership and responsibility. Hosting every conversation is Callisto Grand CEO, Mark Harrison supported by Events Co-ordinator, Eszter Gabriel


Frank comes from a farming family background where his parents always encouraged him to enrol into higher education. He started his career at PwC as an auditor and today he is the CEO of a global organization with over 500 clients and 4 offices across the globe. The development pace of technology is moving rapidly and to become the best in class comes with sacrifices.
He motivates himself and his team by constantly challenging them, and his way of relaxing is through travel and sports.
To find out more about Order2Cash’s history and Frank’s ambitions listen to our exclusive podcast

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Meet the interviewees

Frank Hoekstra

Frank Hoekstra

CEO at Order2Cash

Vladimir Vachel

Vladimir Vachel

Managing Director at EOS KSI Česká republika, s.r.o.

Sven Lindemann

Sven Lindemann

CEO Serrala

Raymond Van der Loos

Raymond Van der Loos

Global Executive and Chairman of the Atradius Collections Holding BV

Jon Keating

Jon Keating

Vice President and General Manager EMEA at HighRadius

The Big Change Podcast

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The Big Change Podcast brings you a unique glimpse into the lives of O2C and Shared Service Centre executives sharing first-hand experiences and lessons to share.