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The Big Change Podcast Season 4

Women In Credit

Callisto Grand is proud o present Season 4 of The Big Change Podcast. This season focuses on Women in Credit and our goal is to inspire young Credit Professionals to pursue this path.



Joanna Miler is the Director of Finance Processes, OTC at Johnson Controls in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Joanna has spent over 20 years in the field of finance across several industries, and various positions. She started her career as a Collector, but she had a very clear career development plan, so she stuck to it and always worked towards where she is today.
Joanna strongly believes that the field of Credit / OTC is a very satisfying area to work in as the decisions that you make have an immediate impact /effect on the business.
She likes to see how her “little stars” are evolving, and very much enjoys supporting them through this experience. To find out more about Joanna and her journey listen to her outstanding interview.
Thank you Joanna Miler for being a part of this special season!

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Meet the interviewees

Joanna Miler

Joanna Miler

Director of Finance Processes, OTC at Johnson Controls in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Márta Berzsenyi

Márta Berzsenyi

Director of Human Resources at Avis Budget Group Business Services Center

Diana Vrejoiu

Diana Vrejoiu

WW Customer Disputes and Escalations Manager at PTC & Romania & Spain Country Manager at Callisto Grand

Aneta van den Kieboom

Aneta van den Kieboom

Finance Director | Global Process Owner | Transformation Head | SSC BPO GBS Head

Tamsin Hoborough

Tamsin Hoborough

Vice President, Finance Shared Services at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

The Big Change Podcast

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The Big Change Podcast brings you a unique glimpse into the lives of O2C and Shared Service Centre executives sharing first-hand experiences and lessons to share.

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