Author: Mark Harrison
In recent years, it has been a privilege to share my knowledge and experiences with more than 2,500 O2C associates, team leaders and managers employed in Shared Service Centres across Central and Eastern Europe.
Our training and development programmes are built on the proven concept that effective communication is dependent on knowledge beyond process and is essential at all levels internally and externally.
The more business aware and more informed the individual is, the more confident (assertive) the communication which directly leads to a rewarding and enriched work experience adding value and improved results.
It is frustrating that most companies / SSC’s are not aware of the complexity within O2C and the amazing opportunities of career development.
Certain characteristics regarding skills gaps are constant whether the location be Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Romania or elsewhere.

These characteristics fall into 2 broad categories.

They don’t know what they don’t know

The SSC majority, including managers and team leaders in O2C are led to believe O2C is of limited scope.
This is absolutely not the case.
O2C is Trade Receivables which almost always accounts for more than 30% of Current Assets with the widest range of stakeholders, inputs and outputs.
O2C impacts and is impacted by every part of the End to End business process.
Unfortunately, the orientation towards process deprives so many people of the opportunity to gather knowledge and build relationships inside and outside the enterprise.
The key to the exploration and discovery of the fascinating elements stored in the treasure trove of business is curiosity.
Your curiosity will reveal a hundred nuggets enriching every day’s work experience and none of these nuggets are buried very deep. All you need to do is know what to ask for and why.
The Callisto Academy lights the path to the treasure.

Perception vs reality

Many in O2C believe they are experienced and are awarded misleading titles such as Subject Matter Expert. Understanding one narrow process range does not an SME make.
An example is learning to play the opening line of Jingle Bells on guitar B – B B B – B B B-D G A B and believing this makes a virtuoso – not much more to learn here so time to move on the violin.
Those in a role 5 years (frequently promoted to manager) rarely have 5 years exponential, compound experience. They have gained perhaps 1 years limited experience 5 times. This makes people competent in a very narrow range.
The perception is one of now being experienced but the reality is there is a great deal they don’t know they don’t know.

People romanticize their plans but dread the execution.
The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding

O2C impacts and is impacted by the entire End to End business cycle. Everything learned in O2C will be extensively used wherever your career path takes you.
Right now, O2C is, or should be, the highest profile area in every business as we move rapidly into so many areas of economic uncertainty. Incredibly exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunities abound.
Accepting this and engaging mentors, coaches and trainers is the first step on the road to discovering the excitement, magic, passion and joy.


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