Training & Talent Development

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The recent cost of borrowing increase generates pressure to improve cash flow, working capital, efficiencies and reduce costs.

Credit Management, Account Receivable, Order to Cash are the most critical components of your financial supply chain.
Take a look at Trade Receivables on your Balance Sheet – it will account for a large part of your total assets representing a major investment in your customers. 

Now take a look at your Receivables position. Are all your customers paying on time?  If your 31+ overdue is greater than 2.5% of Total Receivables then there are issues to be urgently addressed.

  • Specialized O2C workshops – Credit Management, Account Receivable, Order to Cash, Risk Management, and Cash Application are available with practical case studies and experience across various industries and legislation. Tailored for the CEE region the focus is on talent growth with multilingual highly respected and experienced trainers.

Callisto Grand training modules support scalability of fast-growing business organizations.
We train and support people to become O2C professionals with a better understanding of the culture and business practices of the areas they are responsible for.

It is no coincidence that the businesses which perform best are those with experienced, trained and knowledgeable teams and are recognized as Centre’s of Excellence.

Being engaged and empowered in O2C is essential for talent retention as well as maximizing your CASH.

The biggest challenges in today’s businesses are talent and attrition.  Operations without investment in training and workshop regularly fail to engage with young talent.

Generation X, Y, Z feel disconnected and search for more talent growth focused jobs in the market.

Maximizing the benefits of today’s technology requires new skills in your teams so your business can cope with the fast pace, minimum visibility, and flexibility required by customers. We train on how to set up the correct inputs, analyze the outputs and prepare the next steps. Click here for more information on the Callisto Grand Academy.

Callisto Grand learning programmes, 40 years operational and people management experience have been integrated into attractive, modern training materials and practical workshops covering the complexity and business context expected from today’s O2C young talent.

“…workshop very good, organized and interesting. Has much experience, performs in an interesting way, encourages discussion and creates a nice atmosphere.”
“…enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of international market conditions was well received by all who attended.”
“…Our Credit controllers gained a good deal of valuable information that will be put to good use in our organization.”
“…….good hints and tips…….”
“…real life examples very good. Impressive knowledge and experience.”
“…wide experience, eager to share and passionate”