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A series of events organised for the benefit of O2C Professionals to share and benchmark experience and ideas


Credit & Collections Coffee Club - Solutions to meet the OTC Challenges








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Credit & Collections Coffee Club – Solutions to meet the OTC Challenges


About the event

Callisto Grand & HighRadius bring you the only global, monthly roundtable for Credit professionals.

Credit / O2C is an equal business partner, and your voice will make a difference.

The CCCC is not a webinar and not a sales pitch – it is a monthly opportunity for like-minded professionals to get together and lead exciting business transformations.

Together we will explore a wide range of topics that we care about and influence change.

We’re meeting on the 19th of January at 08:30 am CET.
See you online!

We’re discussing:
✔️ Challenges that await in 2022
✔️ Requirements to meet the challenges
✔️ Where are we now
✔️ How Big Data and the Credit Multiverse can help you strive

Every attended Coffee Club is rewarded with a certificate of time invested in your CPD.

A very worthwhile experience

Everyone needs to see this. Information is immediately useful.

The harmony of talent & technology with Callisto Grand Academy

2021 & the 3 C’s of e Invoicing clearance, compliance, complexity

Accelerate AR Automation – How Hitachi Applies Cash before Breakfast

Safe harbor for cash in the perfect storm

Adjusting your Credit Models to Account for external shocks like COVID 19

Past events


Uncovering Optimization Options with AR Automation

Jun 09, 2021
10:00 AM CT

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Collecting and applying cash quickly and determining credit risk accurately is essential for any finance organization – whether the processes are executed globally in shared service centers, in regional subsidiaries, or partially outsourced to external service providers. At its core, an efficient and agile AR Automation translates directly into more working capital, less financial strain, and hence more discretion regarding business and investment decisions.

Shared Services Tech 2021, The Leading Virtual Event on Shared Services Order-to-Cash Process

May 10, 2021
11:00 AM CT

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Shared Services Tech 2021 will explore how Global Business Services are going beyond cost-saving, and delivering revenue and working capital impact by leveraging technology to adapt to the changing landscape. This event will deliver fresh and relevant insight through thought-provoking panel discussions, keynote sessions, and networking hours with some of the biggest leaders in the shared services domain

Accelerate AR Automation – How Hitachi Applies Cash before Breakfast

April 29, 2021
11:00 AM CT

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AR Automation is a top priority for finance organizations worldwide. The multinational company Hitachi can be considered a leading example in this matter. They achieved best in class cash application processes by ambitiously aiming for intelligent automation on a global scale. This way the organization was able to overcome time-consuming manual activities, such as maintaining Excel spreadsheets to follow up open items or printing of bank statements, receipts, postings. Applying intelligent technology resulted in a cash application automation rate of 90 % in some of Hitachi’s subsidiaries, strengthening their overall accounts receivables management.

Join our virtual panel discussion on 29 April at 11 am CET, hosted together with Callisto Grand, a renowned provider of credit best-practices with a strong regional footprint in Central and Eastern Europe. Learn how the leading international technology companies Hitachi centralized and harmonized their cash application processing using intelligent automation within their company-wide project “Cash Applied before Breakfast”:

• All cash applied: Improved cash flow, financial control, transparency and compliance by reducing the volume and value of unallocated payments
• High standardization: Running the same centralized cash application process in all Hitachi subsideries around the world
• Unparalleled transparency: Delivering standardized reporting on cash application and unapplied cash

With this successful project, the organization has won a highly commended Corporate Recognition Award for Working Capital Management of the TMI Award 2018 for Innovation & Excellence using the Serrala Cash Application solution.

Welcome to the Credit Multiverse Futureproofing Cashflow and Working Capital

March 18, 2021
16:00 PM CT

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Every Shared Service Center aspires to World Class Center of Excellence status but without a global standard benchmark, applicable to all, many questions arise:
Where is the ‘Credit Multiverse’?
Why, what, and how to Benchmark?
How do you know when you have achieved Excellence?

Topics to be discussed:
Excellence in O2C is not a nice to have accreditation. O2C Excellence means that your culture, focus and processes are harmonized ensuring you achieve the highest levels of financial performance in Cashflow, Working Capital and Profitability.

In this webinar, Callisto Grand premieres the world’s first roadmap to measuring O2C Excellence providing the answers to:

Do you know what to measure?
How is it measured?
How can you assess where you are today?
How do you know when you have achieved it?
How to maintain it?
Join Mark at this webinar to learn about the tools that ensure your path to O2C Excellence.
Expand your knowledge about what Callisto Grand can do to rapidly support the improvement of your Cashflow and Working Capital.

Safe harbor for cash in the perfect storm

February 25, 2021
13:00 PM CT

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Callisto Grand and Serrala are joining up to support companies that are struggling with the impact of BREXIT.
Callisto has published several articles about the Perfect Storm and its implications.
Join Mark & Eva at an interactive roundtable discussion to learn about the tools that ensure a successful transition even in the Perfect Storm.
These tools include:
Cash Application
Collection Management
Risk Management
and Dispute Management
Expand your knowledge about how automated tools can support your Working Capital

Agenda 2021: Achieving Long-Term Cash Excellence With Digitally Accelerated O2C

Feb 04, 2021
14:00 PM CT

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As executives look into 2021, they see a rare window of opportunity to enable long-term cash excellence. In this upcoming webinar from HighRadius, our expert Mark Harrison, Founder & CEO at Callisto Grand will share their insight on how to develop and execute a turnaround strategy for the order to cash which will strengthen the cash culture across the organisation to stay ahead in the new economy.

2021 & the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing: clearance, compliance, complexity.

Nov 25, 2020
10:30 AM CT

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2021 and the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing: An upcoming tale of clearance, compliance and complexity.

Why governments across the continent will continue to push for e-Invoicing mandates amid economic uncertainty.
As companies worldwide are still reeling from months of market and operational pressure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we ask, are they better prepared to meet the challenges 2021 will bring?
The global e-Invoicing landscape continues to evolve rapidly and governments across Europe are stepping-up their plans to mandate e-Invoicing for all B2G and B2B transactions. As this year’s dramatic market developments have shown, there is an urgent need for businesses to establish paperless supply-chain processes, in order to accelerate payments and avoid the delays to invoice processing caused by remote working and the logistical handling of paper documents.
Join us for our webinar on 25 November at 10:30 CET where we will discuss the 3 C’s of e-Invoicing and how best to prepare your business for 2021 and beyond:
• The 3C’s of e-Invoicing: A tale of clearance, compliance and further complexity.
• The current state-of play: Examining the European e-Invoicing landscape in 2021.
• The importance of the clearance model: Why the performance of Italy’s mandate may cause further disruption across the continent
• How to navigate this landscape and get ahead of your mandates. What to look for in an e-Invoicing solution and service provider

Adjusting your Credit Models to Account for external shocks like COVID-19

Oct 29, 2020
10:00 AM CT

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Mark Harrison, Founder and CEO, Callisto Grand & Alexander Puchovsky, Key Account Manager Credit & Procurement Leader Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics company

Current turbulent economic development brings us challenges to solve, while old methods may not be effective anymore. As new approaches are coming to the spotlight, they can, in combination with technology, help companies navigate in today’s (and upcoming) turbulent times to have a good overview of the portfolio, predict risk in advance and take steps to reduce risks that come with it.

Serrala Virtual User Summit EMEA 2020, Virtual Expert Forum Cost Reduction in AR & AP

October 28, 2020
9:00 am – 13:00 pm CT

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Welcome to our virtual Expert Forum on Cost Reduction in AR & AP. Today’s CFO Playbook event will include interesting discussions and actionable information on instruments that can help you lower costs and build a stronger future for your business.

Join our virtual live sessions and Meet the Experts roundtables, hosted by members of our accounts receivable and accounts payable teams. Browse through our on-demand videos to discover different ways to approach cost reduction in AR & AP and:

Eliminate Transaction Costs
Increase Process Efficiency
Boost Financial Performance

Serrala Virtual User Summit EMEA 2020

Oct 22, 2020
16:15 PM CT

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What’s the impact of the corona crisis in a European context?
Leading credit management & treasury management associations including :
@AFDCC (Association des Credit Managers)
@Associazione Italiana Tesorieri d’Impresa (AITI)
@Mark Harrison Callisto Grand (former ACCEE)
@Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)
@Vereniging Voor Credit Management (VVCM)

Europe Exclusive Tech Exec Debate

Sep 16, 2020
16:00 PM CT

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To celebrate the launch of Callisto Grand (formerly ACCEE) we bring you a world premiere in O2C technology. Featuring CEOs from 5 of the world’s most advanced and respected service providers together.

Moderated by Tom Bangemann, the subjects include:

IA,AI and RPA in O2C
Learnings from COVID-19 – what stayed?
The impact on WFH
Impact on cybersecurity and hacking on your business
RoI of O2C Fintech solutions
Flexibility and global reach of Fintech solutions
Enhancing the GBS value proposition
The upskilling opportunities for talent

Collection Strategies: Cash Flow Vs Customer Loyalty in a Volatile Economy

Jul 15, 2020
15:00 PM CT

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Eefje Van Craen, Bureau van Dijk | Mark Harrison, ACCEE | Tanya Arrowsmith, HighRadius | Bill Weiss, HighRadius

Based on invoice tracker statistics, in Europe, the % of invoices unpaid moved from 16% pre-COVID to around 30% in April and jumped to 53%+ at the end of April.
In this scenario, it is very tempting to go aggressive on collections given the short-term liquidity demands. But will it yield results especially when your customers are genuinely affected?

Key Takeaways:
1. Overview of regional trends – what’s changed?
2. Portfolio Analysis and Customer Segmentation in the COVID world
3. Human+Machine led collection strategies
4. AI and RPA for proactive collections

Quick Wins in O2C: Credit and Collections for Shared Services

Jun 24, 2020
16:00 PM CT

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A Panel Discussion by ACCEE and Serrala

As cash flows tighten up in the face of the economic crisis triggered by COVID-19, payment delays, liquidity crunches and insolvencies are only a matter of time. Finance teams and shared service centers for accounting find themselves under increasing pressure to collect on their outstanding receivables and optimize working capital. As liquidity becomes a top priority, it is essential that you are able to collect and analyze your receivables portfolio in a targeted and methodical manner.
In a joint webinar with the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe (ACCEE), finance experts will talk about the current challenges and solution approaches in credit, collections and working capital management. Join us for a virtual expert panel discussion and gain valuable insights on how to approach accounts receivables collection and working capital management in the face of the current crisis.

Credit and Collections Coffee Club

Jun 18, 2020
09:30 AM CT

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We meet twice a month to discuss challenges within the AR function and collectively talk about how to solve them (with a little help from some experts who have been there before).

Unique opportunity to discuss the huge challenges and opportunities for Credit Professionals
Connect with your fellow credit professionals and share best practices, ideas and even frustrations
Learn from the experiences of fellow professionals including Mark and Brian who have managed credit departments successfully in previous recessions
Each week we will focus on one or two subjects that have been raised by members to support and offer guidance to todays challenges
Getting better doesn’t have to stop because of the challenges of today – instead see how you can use this as an opportunity to be a change catalyst moment for your department – and your career!


Webinars : 7 Ways to Fix the Leaks in the Aging Buckets

Abril 29, 2020
16:00 PM CT

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Mark Harrison, Founder, ACCEE | Bill Sarda, Solution Engineering, Strategic Accounts, EMEA
Considering the scale of economic uncertainty, the CFOs and the Treasurers are focusing more on liquidity management. The A/R teams can play an important role during this time by recovering the past-dues and improving the working capital.

However, the collection teams are working remotely and they find it a monumental task to assimilate customer info across various sources to form collection strategies. Join Bill Sarda, Manager – Solution Engineering, Strategic Accounts – EMEA, Mark Harrison, Founder of ACCEE and Tanya Arrowsmith, Marketing Manager, EMEA to find out how to update your existing dunning strategies using customer data & technology, thereby improving your DSO.

Pop up Session: Order to Cash, Credit and Accounts Receivable in a Crisis

Mar 28, 2020
16:00 PM CT

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The 3rd “Pop-Up” webinar in our “Isolation Series”, designed to keep our minds on the “Important” as well as “Urgent” in these surreal times.
In a prolonged period of ultra-low interest rates, we have entered this crisis period where “Cash is not only Kings, it is President and Prime Minister ” and Credit, credit terms and Accounts Receivable are on the front line of operational decisions.
Many Credit and AR managers have not yet experienced a crisis in their career, and this is definitely one for the history books! As businesses operations continue to be impacted, cashflow is rapidly becoming the number one priority.
New tactics and decisions are required to ensure we reinforce cashflow and minimise aged debtors, and come out of the current crisis in a healthy state to face the next challenge.
Join Dan French and Mark Harrison, Founder and CEO of the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe (ACCEE) that counts some of the world’s biggest corporations and Shared Services/GBS organisations in its membership.
If you are in Finance Operations, Shared Services, GBS or Treasury, or any Stakeholder or Participant in the Order to Cash (O2C) cycle, this is for you. All sectors of your organisation has an impact on cashflow. Are they all aware?