Accelerate AR Automation – How Hitachi Applies Cash before Breakfast 

Automating Cash Application on a Global Scale


29 - 04 - 2021 11am CET








 AR Automation is a top priority for finance organizations worldwide.

The multinational company Hitachi can be considered a leading example in this matter. They achieved best in class cash application processes by ambitiously aiming for intelligent automation on a global scale.

This way the organization was able to overcome time-consuming manual activities, such as maintaining Excel spreadsheets tofollow up open items or printing of bank statements, receipts, postings.

Applying intelligent technology resulted in a cash application automation rate of 90 % in some of Hitachi’s subsidiaries, strengthening their overall accounts receivables management.

Join our virtual panel discussion on 29 April at 11 am CET, hosted together with Serrala, a renowned provider of credit best-practices with a strong regional footprint in Central and Eastern Europe.

Learn how the leading international technology companies Hitachi centralized and harmonized their cash application processing using intelligent automation within their company-wide project “Cash Applied before Breakfast”:

All cash applied

Improved cash flow, financial control, transparency and compliance by reducing the volume and value of unallocated payments

High standardization

Running the same centralized cash application process in all Hitachi subsideries around the world

Unparalleled transparency

Delivering standardized reporting on cash application and unapplied cash

With this successful project, the organization has won a highly commended Corporate Recognition Award for Working Capital Management of the TMI Award 2018 for Innovation & Excellence using the Serrala Cash Application solution.

Duration: 60 minutes
Platform: Zoom
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Moderator: Mark Harrison
Client Speaker: Mr. Neil Murdy, Global Credit Manager at Hitachi ABB Power Grids
Serrala Speaker: Manuel Klaaßen, Manager Solution Architects

Mr. Neil Murdy

Mr. Neil Murdy

Global Credit Manager at Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

CEO & Founder Callisto Grand

Manuel Klaaßen

Manuel Klaaßen

Manager Solution Architects bei Serrala


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