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Safe harbor for cash in the perfect storm

25 February 13:00 – 14:30 pm CET








Join us on the interactive session with polling and roundtable discussions.

Topics to be discussed

Doom's Day Scenario and the Impact on Working Capital: cash application, collection management

Risk Management

Dispute Management via automated tools


Callisto Grand and Serrala are joining up to support companies that are struggling with the impact of BREXIT.
Callisto has published several articles about the Perfect Storm and its implications.

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

Founder & CEO Callisto Grand

Mark has 35 years in Credit Management (O2C, I2C, C2C). Starting right at the bottom but with great support and dedication, Mark’s career path has taken him into a wide range of industry verticals and where he’s been part of technology innovations and implementations. Mark is the founder of the Association and strongly believes that if you put the effort into Credit Management it will give back a 100 fold with Talent Development, Technology and Transitions.

Eva van der Grij

Eva van der Grij

Senior Solution Architect, Serrala


Eva van der Grijn, Senior Solution Architect , Serrala with 20 years’ experience in Order-to-Cash arena and working for a number of tech giants during this period, Eva has developed expertise in both credit risk and collections management. As a Sr. Solution Architect, she fully supports harmonization of the O2C cycle and believes automation is of essence to accomplish a fully integrated O2C process that will help maximize revenues while minimizing risks.

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